Thursday, 2 February 2012

Today was a busy day!

We played three games: Octopus, Catch the Dragon's Tail and Midnight. During the morning we created a Y-chart based on what a super teacher and a super Year 5 should act like, sound like and feel like. During middle block most of us got started on our place-mats about ourselves and what we like to do. They will look so cool when they are finished!

Voila! Here is our finished product!


  1. miss.slater does not need to improve on being a super teacher

  2. Hello G4, I am Miss Hall from Bridgewater Primary School, Northampton, England. We would like to know if you would like to quad blog with us? We would love to learn all about your school and share ideas with you. If you are interested visit our blog, and send us a comment. We can then get started and get to know each other's classes.
    It will be great to hear from you
    Miss Hall

  3. hello g4, my name is Luca , I am from bridgewater primary school, England.What country is your school in? What is an EHS value? How many children are in your class?

  4. Hello G4,
    My name is Izzy I am from Bridgewater Primary school Northampton England how about you where is your school?I am 8 years old {nearly 9}I love chocolate!My favorite couler is green.How about you?

  5. Anastasia and Yasmin from bridgewater7 February 2012 at 23:25

    Hello our names are Anastasia and Yasmin,Yasmin is 9 Anastasia is 8.Our faourite subject is reading [though Yasmin likes all subjects although she is not so kean on maths!]Our least best subject is obviously maths.So you know a bit about us,we would like to know about you so here are some questions for you that we would like you to answer...What is your Theme at the moment? What is your teachers name and [what is your groups name if you have or individgual name?

  6. Imogen,Eleanor,Kiera and Oliver.s from bridgewater primary school7 February 2012 at 23:28

    hello we are from brigewater primary school who is your teacher called?
    What are you learnin about and your blog is the best!


  7. Hello G4,I am Adam from Bridgewater primary school, Northampton,England.We would like to know witch country you are from and whats your teachers name.When you want to reply, visit our Blog!

  8. Hello are names are Lawrence&Jacob what is your favorite subjet at school

  9. We love your blog G4. The talking teacher is great. We like seeing the link to the science blog because our teacher is Miss Harrison. Please have a look at our blog and leave us a comment.

  10. Lawrence&jacob from brigewater school11 February 2012 at 03:15

    Hello how are you to day I hope you injoy our blog.You blog is nice what is you teachers name what cuntry are you from?

    1. Our teachers name is Miss Slater. We are from New Zealand.

  11. Hello G4,
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  12. Hello G4,
    I am writing at four past nine!Our time is an hour before your time and your time is an hour ahead of our time!It os very intresting how your time is different and our time is different!

  13. A big hello G4, I really like your blog its very interesting,I always like to go on yours!Have you been on our blog?,if you havent please do we have worked very hard so I hope you like it. Yasmin

  14. A big hello G4
    this is my first time visiting you what a intresting and
    colerfull class room how coler full color full can you make your classroom?
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  15. Lawrence&Sam from brigewater3 March 2012 at 03:31

    Hello what themes have you bing learing about in G4!Plus what do you know about WW2 and I hope you know about WW2.We love your blog!Thanks

  16. hello! my name is Becky today our school done big writing. Then we done our tesselation sheets for at least 20 mins it was sooooo fun tee-hee! :) and for lunch i had burgers, beans, tomato ketchup and a bit of saled. :) For pudding i had an Apple tee-hee ;)

  17. Hello G4
    This is Miss Hall from Bridgewater Primary School. Just to let you know our children are on their summer holidays at the moment so you may not get many replies. We are all back in 2 weeks time so we will all be in touch very soon to share our learning with you!
    Speak to you soon
    Miss Hall x